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IBIZA Accounting

IBIZA Accounting automates all the essential financial processes of travel distribution. It was developed for travel agencies of any size.

IBIZA Accounting - one system, three modules

IBIZA Accounting automates all essential financial processes in travel distribution. It was developed for travel agencies of all sizes. Companies with complex structures and travel agency chains benefit from the many advantages of the system. In addition to our core market Germany, we also work for customers in other European countries.

There are many good reasons for using IBIZA Accounting:
There are many good reasons for using IBIZA Accounting:
  • Transparency and depth of detail for every booking transaction down to document level
  • High degree of automation due to a large number of interfaces
  • Highest possible data security through system operators in Germany
  • Time savings through automated processing of sales, booking and billing data
  • Adaptation to individual customer requirements through the use of different modules
  • Inter-office evaluations for travel agency organizations
  • Can be combined with the IBIZA Cockpit reporting system
  • Standard processes can be customized if necessary
  • Reduces costs for administrative processes in the company
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IBIZA Financial Accounting
IBIZA Financial Accounting

In every business accounting system, the data from financial accounting is the basis for preparing the balance sheet, for determining the company's earnings and for the tax return.

We also work closely with our customers in the development and enhancement of the financial accounting module. Many travel agency-specific functions have been developed from this process - to your advantage.

The plus of financial accounting in IBIZA Accounting:
The system ...

  • ... takes over the daily sales and booking data of the travel agency
  • ... automatically posts the accounting data of all important service providers
  • ... posts the sales data from front- and midoffice and reconciles them with the service provider data
  • ... imports bank statement information from all major banks and automatically reconciles incoming and outgoing payments in accounting
  • ... generates payment orders for direct setup at the house bank, incl. direct reconciliation with the related receivables and payables
  • ... generates the advance VAT return at the push of a button and sends it directly to the tax authorities
  • ... has a fully integrated mandate management for the automated direct debit procedure
  • ... keeps totals and balances lists, business effects and OP lists available at all times
  • ...prepares the annual result in an e-balance sheet compliant manner according to the requirements of the legislation

Manual entries are kept to a minimum in the financial accounting module, because the system has a large number of interfaces to service providers and mid-office systems as a basis for automated processing of sales, accounting and billing data.

Furthermore, IBIZA Accounting has interfaces to common industry-specific DMS (Document Management System) including scanning, workflow, accounting and archiving functionalities.

With IBIZA Financial Accounting you work with a travel agency-specific code and chart of accounts. The advance sales tax return can be transmitted electronically to the tax office via ELSTER and the e-balance sheet.

The individually selectable combination of interfaces and partial functionalities saves you time and money. Do away with manual document entry as far as possible, optimize your internal and external communication channels, access your business data securely and reliably at all times, and ensure legally compliant archiving of all your accounting data right from the start.

IBIZA Controlling
IBIZA Controlling

The Controlling module enables you to go even deeper into business analysis. This module provides individual, up-to-date accounting evaluations, since all actual values are available immediately after posting.

The plus of the Controlling module in the IBIZA accounting system means:

  • plan-actual comparisons on cost center level
  • complex evaluations with a high level of detail for the controlling department
  • easy data maintenance within the IBIZA accounting system

Evaluate your company on the basis of a structure of cost centers that you define yourself. The topicality of your data is always ensured, since the figures from the financial accounting are updated in real time in the Controlling module.

Using plan/actual comparisons, budgeting, ad-hoc planning, automated allocations and regular monitoring of your costs and revenues, you can make high-quality statements about the status quo and accurate forecasts about the future of the company. You gain insights that help you make the right business decisions. Whether an entire travel agency chain, a specific agency, the individual employee or specific orders and receipts - everything becomes transparent, plannable and evaluable.

IBIZA Asset Accounting
IBIZA Asset Accounting

With asset accounting you ensure transparency of your assets: The module records all business transactions concerning fixed assets, manages them and presents your fixed assets properly in accordance with the requirements of commercial and tax law.

The plus of fixed asset accounting in the IBIZA accounting system:

  • fully records all fixed assets, including origin reference and acquisition and production costs
  • manages fixed assets throughout their life cycle in terms of useful life and changes in value
  • Automatically determines the depreciation values for the fixed assets and carries out this depreciation at the push of a button
  • Direct posting of depreciation in IBIZA Financial Accounting

You access an already existing, broad spectrum of depreciation types, asset classes and valuation areas, but enjoy individual flexibility for each asset in terms of account control, useful life or changes in value due to write-downs and write-ups, as well as revaluations, sales or scrapping.  

The transfer of your previous fixed assets including the current status of depreciation is possible quickly and easily via a structured upload procedure. We will be happy to support you in this process. 

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