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The travel business is subject to constant change. This is marked in particular by new IT solutions and new sales concepts of the service providers. To remain competitive and successful in this environment as a travel sales organisation, we recommend a continuous analysis and review of your processes and IT systems.

As one of the leading back-office providers for the travel industry, we possess outstanding expertise. We are acquainted not only with the classic processes in the travel business from the booking of a service up to billing, but also the relevant and latest IT systems.

Our travel sales consultants are closely networked in the international IT environment and will keep you continuously up to date on trends and planned developments in the travel business. We possess many years of experience in process optimisation projects and professional IT project management.

Let us together analyse your present processes and systems and identify potential optimisations and rigorously implement them. We offer our support not only in the planning and design phase, but also during the implementation. You can benefit from our many years of project management experience.  

Besides travel sales organisations, we also advise airlines with the focus on travel sales processes and systems. Based in particular on our expertise in the mid- and back-office area of the various airline sales channels (online travel agencies, tour operators, consolidators, individual travel agencies and travel management companies) we meanwhile possess many years of experience in consulting projects of our parent company, Deutsche Lufthansa AG.

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