An accounting system that is always state of the art, even when the laws change. That is my advantage. 

Markus Finke, Managing Director, Reisebüro Bühler

My customers want to control their travel budget. With IBIZA Business Cockpit that is no problem. That is my advantage. 

Werner Papendick, owner and Managing Director, Derpart Reisebüro Papendick 

Since we have been using IBIZA Cockpit, I have a much better view of our key performance indicators. For me, Cockpit is the best product on the German market. 

Fred Buchberger, Managing Director, DERPART MfG Reisen 

All-round service is becoming ever more important for our customers. We are excellently positioned with the IBIZA system combined with our workflow and archiving solution. That is my advantage. 

Adolf Hoffmann, Managing Director, ACCON-RVS GmbH 

As an accounting service provider, reliability and high productivity are paramount. That’s why we use IBIZA Accounting from ta.ts. That is my advantage. 

Adrian Brehm, Managing Director, TAA- Travel Agency Accounting GmbH

We use individual reports and analyses with online access for the travel managers. That is well received in tenders for company budgets. That is my advantage. 

Andreas Giller, Managing Director, Giller Reisen Lufthansa City Center 

In tourism today I have to be able to steer quickly with the latest information. IBIZA Cockpit provides me with the basis I need for my decisions at the press of a button. That is my advantage. 

Stefanie Finke, Managing Director, Reisebüro Bühler Lufthansa City Center