IBIZA Szenario Manager

IBIZA Szenario Manager

Plan your future right now

IBIZA Szenario Manager

Valuable support with planning your company’s future. Assistance with decisions on important business questions. 

The IBIZA Scenario Manager helps you to recognize restructuring potential in your business activities. For confident negotiations with corporate clients about service fees, and for optimizing commissions through revenue control.

Benefits of the IBIZA Scenario Manager:

  • Creation of individual scenarios
  • Flexible planned/actual comparison
  • Strategy development
  • Tailor-made control
  • Web based & optimized for mobile devices
  • Intuitive operation

The IBIZA Scenario Manager is ready to use without any prerequisites. Data is drawn from a prior Excel upload, which can then be entered into the Scenario Manager using the drag & drop function. A combination with data from external data systems is possible.

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