IBIZA Accounting

More transparency and planning capability

IBIZA Accounting

IBIZA Accounting

There are many good reasons to use IBIZA Accounting:

  • Neatness & time savings 
  • Transparency & quality 
  • Security & fitness for the future 

Extensive reports from financial accounting and business analyses: IBIZA Accounting gives you that. Besides our core market in Germany, we also work for customers elsewhere in Europe and North America.

IBIZA Accounting is suitable for travel agencies of any size. Companies with more complex structures and travel agency chains benefit to an especially great extent from the numerous advantages. The technical foundation of IBIZA Accounting is the standard software SAP/R3. This ensures great performance and system availability of practically 100%.

IBIZA Accounting is built to be modular and comprises the modules:

The financial accounting module is at the heart of IBIZA.
That means with a view to the processes:

  • IBIZA  takes over the daily sales and booking data for the travel agency
  • posts the billing data of all key service providers 
  • clears and posts the sales data from front and mid-office with the service providers’ data automatically 
  • Imports account statement information of all usual banks and reconciles the incoming and outgoing payments in the accounting automatically 
  • generates payment orders for direct communication with your bank and automatically reconciles the associated accounts receivable and payable
  • generates the advance VAT return at the press of a button and sends it directly to the tax authorities

Thanks to the interfaces to service providers and mid-office systems, IBIZA Accounting achieves a high degree of automation and improves your accounting efficiency sustainably. 

With IBIZA Financial Accounting you work with a code plan and chart of accounts specific to the travel agency. The advance VAT return can be transmitted electronically to the tax authorities via ELSTER and the e-balance sheet. 

Incoming payments can be processed automatically via electronic banking. Dunning and payment runs can be started and monitored automatically. Last but not least, IBIZA archives all tax-relevant data based on the statutory requirements (GDPdU). 

ta.ts processes credit cards from American Express, Visa, Airplus and MasterCard and offers cooperation with all major acquirers such as AMEX, Concardis, Wirecard, B+S Card and Sixpayment. So you have the option to choose the cheapest provider. 

The IBIZA Controlling modules put you in a position to go even deeper into your business analysis. Evaluate your business based on the structure of cost centres and internal order numbers you have defined. This ensures that your data are always up to date, because the figures from financial accounting are copied in real time to the IBIZA Controlling module.

Based on plan versus actual comparisons, budgets, ad-hoc planning, automatic cross-charging and regular monitoring of your costs and revenues, you can make high-quality statements on the status quo and accurate forecasts on the future of your company. You get the knowledge to help you make the right business decisions. Whether an entire travel agency chain, a specific agency or an individual employee or specific orders and documents – everything becomes transparent and can be planned and analysed. 

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