Lufthansa TravelGate

Lufthansa TravelGate

We do the practical test – every day

Lufthansa TravelGate

Many of our employees bring many years of experience in the travel industry with them. To keep the practical aspects alive in the company, we operate the Lufthansa TravelGate: These are full-service travel agencies with IATA agency for Lufthansa employees.

There, customers are supported on all issues surrounding their private vacation trip – regardless of whether hotels, flights, hire cars or insurance. From the planning to the booking.

The online enquiries and bookings generated via our self-developed Internet Booking Engine are handled in the back-office. In addition we have a department that sets up corporate events, from selection of the hotels down to a complete package. Our Travel Management team takes care of all issues surrounding business trips.

Through all this, we know the everyday questions in a travel agency from first hand and are even our own customer for our services. So we are always in a position to review the performance of our products and services permanently – and then make them still better. 

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